In order to keep certificates active, teachers are required to show evidence of professional development. During the time period between certificate renewals teachers are required to earn 120 CPDUs, 20% of which are to apply to creating the least restrictive environment for special needs students. Teachers with Masters Degrees are required to earn 80 CPDUs during the same time period. In order to be valid activites to qualify for CPDUs, activites must meet the qualifications set by the state. For example, workshops must be provided by a Professional Development Provider, and you must receive an Evidence of Completion form. Meetings must meet the evidence of completion criteria that is provided by the state. (See the link at the bottom of this page to download copies of the CPDU values chart for a detailed explanation).

To enter your CPDU or CEU credits
While you logged in to ECS:
  • click on the tab at the top that says Professional Development and Renewal
  • On the page that appears, click on Professional Development Activity
  • On the page that opens, click on Enter/Review Professional Development. The page that appears will list all the professional development activities you have entered.
  • To add to the list, click on Enter/Review Professional Development Activity. The screens that follow will prompt you to
    • Confirm your identity
    • Select the type of credits you wish to record (usually the last one).
    • Indicate the type of professional development you wish to record (usually #12,unless you are taking college classes, then it is #9). Notice, though, that there are other types of professional development choices available in the event you have activity that may qualify as professional development (i.e.supervising a student teacher, some types of committee work).
    • The following windows will appear if you are entering CPDUs for workshops you have attended. If you are using other activities, the prompts you receive will be different, but similar.
    • Enter the number of hours you attended the workshop.
    • Enter the date(s) of the workshop. Pay attention to the date format because it will not accept it if it doesn’t match.
    • Enter the name of the provider (in alphabetical order by first name – I am under K. On your Evidence of Completion form, look in the section marked Approved Provider and Provider Number. That is the name or organization that you enter.
    • Enter the title of the workshop and a very brief description. You only have 250 characters and that’s not many words.
    • Select which purpose the workshop fulfilled. Usually it’s A and/or B. If the class addresses any information on serving special needs students in the least restricted environment, then it can also be E. You may select as many purposes as apply to the class.
    • If the professional development activity you are entering fits into any of the NCLB categories, select that category. If not, select not applicable.
    • You may edit or remove an activity at any time. When you are at the page that allows you to enter or review your professional development activity, click on remove/edit next to the item you want to change, and follow the steps in the windows that appear.

That will bring you back to the screen listing all your professional development activities. To enter another activity, start at the beginning and follow the steps. When you are all done, locate “Log out of ECS” in the table on the left and click on that to log out.

Two very valuable resources in this process can be found on the Educator Certification page on the ISBE website. The last two bullets under the section What are my professional development options for renewal contain links to download pdf files for a CPDU values chart and abridged CPDU chart. These are extremely helpful when you are trying to decide if activities other than workshops will qualify for CPDUs, what evidence of completion is required, and how many CPDUs the activity will earn.